Las Pachucas Films Presents

This is our first teaser for our long term Work in Progress film, Why Are YOU Here? If you’d like to be interviewed by our team or you would like to donate and support our film project, please email us at pachucaproductions@thestudy.us . Thank you!

Zoom Virtual Variety Show April 4 @ 7 pm

We had fun on our FB page (Pachuca Productons @laspachucas) tonight. There are links after links of our friends and neighbors trying to entertain each other during this time. Tomorrow night we will be reading some new plays on zoom as well as some other performing our troupe members have up their sleeves. Leave a comment, Email us at pachucaproductions@thestudy.us and find out how to join in on the fun.


Dolly Deadly 1.5 –The Horror Within

Throwing Chanclas


Let me say two things up front. First horror didn’t used to be my go to favorite movie genre and secondly, my kids and I played bit parts in the original Dolly Deadly (my daughter plays the little kid bully).

And third? Director Heidi Moore is a relentless, persisting badass.

What I really loved about the original is that it took the bullying that so many of us face as children and it demonstrated what that bullying and psychological torture could do if pushed to the extreme. The horror focused on what it could truly turn you into. A young boy–Benji–has a fascination with dolls that once belonged to his dead mother–dolls that stand in as his only friends (the only things around him that don’t belittle or hurt him). He breaks with reality and exacts some sweet horrific revenge on those that made his life miserable. And I…

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The Pachuca Productions 2019-2020 Season!

The Laramie Project, November 14-17 in Quincy and Greenville, CA

In November we produced The Laramie Project that has already been heralded as the best piece of theatre ever produced up here. Our actors really gave it their all. Tina and I thank all our supporters including Plumas Arts, deMartile Automotives, dramaworks, Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce and Bread for the Journey. Photos below by Joanne Wilson and flyer by Cary Dingel and Roxanne Valladao.

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